Fall Winter 2020/21 RUMI Collection - AYNI
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Fall Winter 2020/21 RUMI Collection

The AYNI Fall Winter 2020/21 collection is inspired by Peru’s stone forests and fittingly named ‘RUMI’. RUMI means “rock” or “stone” in Quechua, the ancient language of the Inca empire. 

Peru’s extraordinary stone forests came about without human intervention as the result of thousands of years of natural erosion. We focused on the asymmetry and uniqueness of each rock, reminding us how important imperfections are and that they are synonymous with each individual's beauty. We want to help change the viewpoint from one that chases perfection to one that appreciates what is.

We are exploring freer silhouettes that provide a versatile wardrobe suitable for the AYNI woman; a multi-tasker, a career-woman and a mother. Pure silhouettes are combined with ancient artisanal techniques to emphasize the appreciation for honest luxury. We are showcasing a complete seasonal wardrobe ready to be taken on a weekend getaway but wearable in daily life.

The bright color palette is taking inspiration from the browns and reds from the mineral-rich stone forests, the surprisingly lush ecosystem, blues from the bottom of the sea where the stones were first formed, the colors of twilight and sunset, and beige-tones from the llamas herding its grounds. The collection focuses on sustainable ‘washless’ Alpaca and Organic cotton but also new experimental yarn made from recycled plastic bottles in Peru. We want to emphasize with this collection how much power consumers have to change the world, by simply being careful in what they buy and what garments they invest in.