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We are very excited to finally be able to share a very special project and social collaboration with you!

In 2017, we started a project together with Fondation Chanel and CODESPA to improve social and economic inclusion for women in the Lake Titicaca region in Peru and Bolivia. Together we have since worked on training and certifying 200 indigenous women from the region with textile skills and an understanding of international demand.

Our objective was to generate a positive impact for the women, not only by training them but by also ensuring their secure future in the textile industry. Additionally, we wanted to shed light to the valuable and sustainable future for Peruvian textile traditions, therefore preserving a crucial element of the country’s heritage and culture.

It was important to everyone involved to increase awareness and knowledge of the cultural value of the textile industry and the unique and qualitative work that our artisans do. The fashion industry and the final consumer need to understand the real social and economic impact that buying a sustainable, responsibly sourced garment has.

With the support of Fondation Chanel and CODESPA, we created our Fall Winter 18/19 Capsule Collection Chuyma incorporating the community and their weavers work. We restyled the Chuyma icon, that historically represents the heart and to us, the love with which the artisans develop their products and the heart of the product itself as a living being. 

We are especially proud of the incorporation of beautiful hand dyed multicolored yarns that through chunky artisanal knitwear are telling the vibrant story behind the local textile heritage. The collection includes styles made in a variety of textile techniques including handknitting, crochet, macramé and handloom.

Together we saw the traditions these women had inherited as an opportunity to raise their income without changing their way of life. We wanted to encourage and create more job opportunities for these women, 60% of them being single mothers, so they can financially support their families.

We are thankful to Fondation Chanel and CODESPA for their support and helping AYNI assure a secure and sustainable future for these women within the textile industry, in turn also ensuring a continuous sustainable value for their trade and Peruvian cultural heritage.