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LLUTU cardigan (pre-order)

$450.00 USD
LLUTU cardigan (pre-order) AYNI universe
LLUTU cardigan (pre-order) AYNI universe
LLUTU cardigan (pre-order) AYNI universe
AYNI universe

LLUTU cardigan (pre-order)

Puff sleeves crochet cardigan w/crochet buttons

Composition: 100% Tanguis Cotton
Technique: Handknit
Sample Lenght: 44 cm/17.32"

Made in Peru


How do you pre-order?
1.) Confirm your order by purchasing the style through our website and add the code RESORT24 to receive an exclusive 25% discount.
2). We will send you an email to confirm your order and ship it within 21 business days (exact shipping date may vary).
3.) We will get in touch with you prior to shipping and then ship the order directly to you.
4.) Cozy up in your new sustainably made,  and we'd love to hear your thoughts, or see pictures (@ayniuniverse).

$450.00 USD