AYNI CERTIFY - Our Social Impact
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AYNI CERTIFY - Our Social Impact

In 2012 we established the “AYNI certify” program in collaboration with Peru’s Ministry of Employment.

The idea was inspired by the artisans in the small community of Amantani on Lake Titicaca in Peru. Isolated on an island far from the main cities, AYNI began to train and provide work for the local people because their traditions were being abandoned for more profitable labor.

ayni certify amantani

With the help of government funding, these men and women receive formal training and certificates that give them opportunities to create their own businesses and foster a sustainable and rewarding economic model.

The objective is to give recognition and value to individual labor competences and contribute to the empowerment and self-esteem of the individuals, we want to create job opportunities, improve living standards while assuring that our products reach the expected quality.

ayni certify

We are working to preserve over 5000 years of knitting and weaving traditions with the help of over 2100 certified artisans throughout the country.

The vast majority (around 92%) of AYNI’s artisans is female and many of them have now become workshop leaders.

ayni certify

For training requests or more information about AYNI CERTIFY, please contact us as below.

Web: aynicertify.com

E-Mail: contact@aynidesignlab.com