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All of AYNI’s collections are made by artisans throughout Peru following the principles of sustainable and responsible production, using traditional methods to achieve a superior quality.

What began with one small town has grown to several communities all around Peru, where artisans produce macramé, crochet, needlework, hand-woven and hand loomed textiles.

Our collections normally focus on our sustainable ‘washless’ Alpaca and Organic cotton but for our latest collection we added a very interesting experimental yarn made from recycled plastic. Please find more about our materials below.

Ayni alpaca peru


Alpaca is quickly becoming the world’s greenest luxury fiber. High quality and sustainable, alpaca fiber is the foundation of AYNI, our supply chain and garments. By buying an alpaca product, you are directly contributing to sustainable fashion and the livelihood of all the people who are part of our production circle.

From the farmer who raises the animals, to the master sorter, to the spinners and our knitters who learned from their parents how to work with one of the world’s highest quality garments for AYNI: Alpacas are part of Peru’s diverse heritage everywhere!

Alpaca is the cohesion of all the other fibers: the softness of cashmere, the shininess of mohair, the thickness of angora and the strength of merino wool. Their fiber is flame-resistant and it can also wick away moisture because of its unique ability to mimic cotton in moisture regain. This is what makes alpaca feel lighter than wool but warmer than cotton in cool, damp climates.

Alpaca fiber comes in 22 colors and hundreds of shades, from white to light rose gray to dark fawn, in addition to the blends that can be made from those, thus minimizing the need for pollution-intensive dying.

Alpacas are also 'sustainable lawnmowers' because instead of pulling grass out by the root, they nibble off the top of the plant. And their feet have soft pads, which won't churn up the earth.

Alpacas are smart and highly trainable animals. They can learn commands, hand signals, and tricks. They are also herd animals, and as such, they require other alpacas for socialization and security. An individual alpaca would be in a constant state of stress and sadness, which compromise its health and could eventually lead to death.

Ayni Pima Mercerized Cotton


Much like chocolate, coffee or wine, the quality of cotton can vary greatly. However, thanks to ideal growing conditions, extra-long length and hand harvesting, Peru’s pima cotton is the world’s finest. Peruvian pima cotton has unparalleled softness, exemptional brilliance and is extremely durable. And since it’s hypoallergenic, it’s an excellent choice for people with skin sensitivities.

The pima cotton grows lush along the northern coast of Peru. There, the rich soil soaks up just the right amount of moisture at near-perfect temperatures. Peruvian pima cotton is harvested entirely by hand.

Harvesting by hand is more environmentally friendly and results in higher quality cotton. It results in a brilliant white shade and an unbelievably soft hand, in comparison to industrial harvesting. Pima cotton makes up roughly 2 percent of the world’s cotton, and organic Pima is even more rare.

Organic Pima cotton, considered the world’s best cotton, makes up only 0.0005% of the world’s cotton. AYNI only considers cotton to be organic when it is 100% certified Organic Pima Cotton and dyed after harvest using only natural dying processes.

AYNI works with Peruvian cotton throughout the year, from light summer dresses to cozy sweaters and incorporated in elevated leisure to contemporary luxury pieces.

ayni recycled yarn plastic


"Because there is no such thing as ‘away’, when we throw plastic away it must go somewhere."

For our FW 20/21 collection we have also added a new experimental yarn made from recycled plastic bottles. 1 kg/2.2 lbs of yarn is made from 25 x 1 liter recycled plastic bottles here in Peru.

The collection features a sweater + scarf set made out of the recycled plastic yarn and we also included it in detailed embroidery and accessories.