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Our Universe

Our Story

AYNI is a conscious fashion and lifestyle label created out of a common love for design and handcrafts with a special sensibility for culture and diversity combined with a strong social, economic and environmental engagement.

Founders Adriana Cachay, Peruvian & Laerke Skyum, Danish met in Peru on Laerke's first trip to Latin America. They were brought together by a shared passion for craftsmanship and time honoring techniques inspired in heritage and diversity.

Their dedication to love runs like a thread from the start to the end of the value chain. This responsible business model is based on reciprocity, where a mutual benefit allows everyone in the value chain to be part of a deeper sense of purpose.


 "All We Knit Is Love"

"We create pieces that cultivate heritage via time honoring techniques and reciprocity"

(Adriana & Laerke) 

Our Name

AYNI means today for me, tomorrow for you in the ancient language of the Incas. This word embodies the concepts of love and reciprocity, trusting that giving comes before receiving.


AYNI is dedicated to preserving the meaning and values of its name. Through our work we aim to cultivate and honor ancient techniques and cultural heritage while empowering female artisans, stimulating skilled and time honoring techniques and creating value and positive impact for them and their communities.