AYNI DESIGN LAB – Our Sourcing Lab
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AYNI DESIGN LAB – Our Sourcing Lab

AYNI DESIGN LAB is our sourcing lab and production office for International fashion labels producing knitwear made by local knitters with high-quality Peruvian materials such as the soft Alpaca and strong Pima cotton.

We advise costumers on qualities and techniques for the development of samples and negotiate with the Peruvian yarn suppliers as well as perform rigorous quality control prior to the final exportation of each product.

Ayni design lab

Since AYNI DESIGN LAB was founded in 2011, we have very much focused on sustainability and with our certification program 'Ayni Certify' we create job opportunities, improve living standards and contribute to the empowerment and self-esteem of the individuals, especially women, all over Peru.

ayni design lab

_What we offer you

  1. OUR EXPERTISE - Interpretation of specs and style set-up from designers as well as guidance in selection of quality, yarn count, knit point and technique. We are specialized in handknit, handloom and woven styles.
  2. WE TAKE CARE OF IT – We supervision the production process, from the selection of raw materials to final packing and shipping.
  3. HANDLING OF LOGISTICS – Orders, production or import of trimmings, payments, logistics and more.
  4. ADVISE - Consultancy assistance in garment design and the use of Peruvian primary materials and their characteristics, benefits and competitive advantages.
  5. DESIGN - Assistance in the process of design and development of samples for other design companies.
  6. STORYTELLING - Fast and clear communication in several languages, short lead time, differentiated products and value-added-production conditions with unique product storytelling and sustainability throughout the production chain.
  7. KNOWLEDGE - Experienced and professional team with a broad knowledge of the local & international industry and elaborated data base of suppliers.
  8. CERTIFICATION – We offer qualified labor and certified artisans and suppliers. We are ISO 9001 certified and are also the first certification center for labor qualifications within the field of hand knitting authorized by Peru’s Ministry of Employment.
  9. KNOW THE LATEST - Inspirational material for design and development through constant information of new techniques, qualities and knit points. Our design team can prepare inspirational packages with swatches, colorcards and samples upon request.

    ayni design lab peru

    _Why source in Peru

    Peru has a vertically integrated industry, with a high level of know-how, a high standard of working conditions and a favorable legal framework.

    The country is known and associated with high quality products, skilled labor work and certified craftsmanship.

    Peru is Internationally recognized as a sustainable and responsible origin for production. Furthermore the cultural heritage, ancient textile traditions and craftmanship are an attractive factor for designers or labels who wish to add value to their products and follow fair trade practices.

    ayni design lab

    For more information as well as sourcing and private label requests for our AYNI DESIGN LAB, please contact us as below.

    Web: aynidesignlab.com

    E-Mail: contact@aynidesignlab.com